Please read the WALKING DISTANCE TO SCHOOL AND BUS STOPS guidelines below before submitting the Bus Stop Change Request Form linked below. These guidelines are also listed in section II of the BARRINGTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS TRANSPORTATION HANDBOOK.

In compliance with the policy established by the Barrington School Committee, BPS established the following guidelines for distances from a student’s walking home or to and from school or a bus stop. (https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/386464/Transportation.pdf)

Only eligible students may ride the bus. Distances will be determined according to the shortest route by traveled road and/or paved public sidewalk.

Bus routes will be established so that an authorized bus stop is available for eligible students at a walking distance from their home of no more than the distances outlined below.


All K -5th residents who live more than three-quarters of a mile from their assigned school are entitled to transportation.

A parent/guardian or designee must pick-up students in K-1 at the bus stop. The transportation provider will return any K-1 children who are not met by a parent or designated adult to the school (or police department if BPS staff are not available to meet them at the school).


All 6th -12th who live more than two miles from their assigned school are entitled to transportation.


BPS determines transportation through the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). If special transportation is required, BPS provides bus transportation to the school designated by the IEP team regardless of the resident’s distance to the school.

BPS determines the bus stops based on safety conditions: line of sight, ability to safely pull in and out of pickup points/traffic, available turn-around if necessary, route to/from the bus stop from the student's residence, neighborhood student population, distance between stops and efficiency of time and resources, etc.

Each year, BPS assigns students’ bus stops based on their home address and indicators noted above, regardless of arrangements made the previous year.


BPS assigns eligible students to a bus transportation route and bus stop, which they must ride. Except in emergency situations, with permission from the school principal, students are not allowed to switch buses or bus stops.

Students MUST board and unload the bus only at their assigned stops. BPS can change a student’s assigned bus route to accommodate childcare situations. However, students can only be assigned to one (1) bus/stop Monday - Friday for the morning and one (1) bus/stop Monday - Friday for the afternoon. Students cannot alternate buses. Requests for bus stop changes, for convenience sake, cannot be accommodated.

After BPS provides notification of bus stop locations, a parent/guardian may request a review of a change of stop. The Transportation Department will review requests and contact the parent/guardian who submitted the form within 2-weeks of submission. Please note, BPS staff will review requests in the order in which they are received.

In an emergency situation, a parent/guardian must provide a note to the school, not the driver, with the name of the designated person to whom the student will be released. Once the principal grants permission, the school will provide an approved copy of the note to the driver. The designated person at the stop must show an ID in order to pick up the student. If the driver does not recognize the designated person at the stop, the driver must contact the terminal for verification from the school.

Considerations to Keep in Mind Regarding Stop Requests:

BPS is unable to provide bus stops that are within sight of all students’ homes or daycare. We encourage parents to be at bus stops to promote safe walking and bus stop behavior.

BPS is unable to provide a bus stop at a house that the bus passes. Many routes travel past students’ houses. The higher frequency of stops made by the bus results in longer ride times for students.

BPS is unable to provide a house stop because only one student uses the stop on a daily basis. BPS may have assigned students to the bus stop who ride infrequently or may anticipate adding students to the stop during the year. BPS assigns stops at corners for efficiency and to accommodate students who may move into the neighborhood.

BPS is unable to accommodate requests for bus stop changes based on weather conditions.

BPS designs the order of pick-up and drop-offs of students to be the most efficient and within the shortest possible time. Based on bus routes, the transportation system may not follow the same drop-off order in the afternoon that they followed for pick-up in the morning. Students who live the furthest from school will have longer bus rides. BPS will determine the length of the bus ride by the distance from school and the number of stops made. For this reason, BPS strives to minimize the number of bus stops.

Bus Stop Change Request Form