Backpack Express

Good afternoon,

This week’s Backpack Express, the last one for this school year, is ready for your reading pleasure:

  • Last Day of School:  Tomorrow is the last day of school.  It is a full day.  If your child is not going home their normal way, please make sure you send a note to school indicating this.

  • Next Year’s Class Placement:  Placement letters will be sent out mid-August.  At that time, you will find out who your child’s classroom teacher will be.

  • First Day of School:  The first day of school for students is August 28, 2023.  This is considered a transition day.  Information about what this day will look like will be sent out over the summer.  The school calendar for the next school year may be found here.

  • Kindergarten Student Registration:  If you have a child entering our school in the upcoming school year and they are not registered (this does not include children already enrolled), please make sure you register your child so we include them in a classroom for next year.  Students entering kindergarten need to be five years old as of September 1, 2023.  Registration information may be found here.

  • Not Coming Back:  If your child is not coming back to Sowams or going to Hampden Meadows School, please let us know so we can have records ready to send out.

  • Community Notices:  The Barrington Public Library has two notices about summer programming:  Notice 1 and Notice 2.

On behalf of all of us at Sowams, thank you for your support and love that you showed to us this year.  It has been greatly appreciated.  We hope you have a wonderful summer filled with a lot of memory-making with family and friends.


Jim Callahan