Backpack Express--October 23, 2019

Upcoming Events

  • Town Meetings:  Last week, I sent out the link to this year’s Town Meeting schedule.  There has been a change to it so please make sure you check it here.

  • Primrose Hill School Spooky Stroll:  Primrose Hill School has their annual Spooky Stroll this Friday night from 6:00-7:30.  The cost is $5.00 per person (four and under are free). Information may be found here.

  • Parent Classroom Visits:  Each year in November, we invite parents to join their children at school to see and participate in a classroom lesson.  Dates and times have been set for each grade level and you may find the time here.  Please remember:  this is a time for you to spend time with your child; other siblings should not be joining you.

  • Book Fair:  This year’s Book Fair is November 12-15 (same week as the classroom visits).  Family Night is scheduled for Thursday, November 14. Information about the book fair, when your child’s class will visit the book fair, and more about family night will be sent home.

  • Grade 3 Family Book Club:  It’s not too late to sign up for this book club with Mrs. Greene and Mrs. Sanchez.  Information, including the book and the link to sign up, may be found here.  

Other Bits of Information

  • Thanksgiving Food Drive:  Each year, our school helps those less fortunate.  One way we do this is our annual food drive for Thanksgiving to benefit Barrington’s Tap In.  We are now in the process of collecting various food items. Each grade level has been assigned certain foods.  The list may be found here.  Food items may be sent into school and placed in the boxes in the school’s foyer.  We will collect food until November 14, 2019.

  • Lunch Times at Sowams:  We have two lunches at Sowams.  The first lunch is for students in grades two and three.  It runs 11:40-12:00. Students in kindergarten and grade one have lunch from 12:05-12:25.  Parents are invited to have lunch with their children. (If a parent wants to order a hot lunch, you would need to call the school and place your order by 8:30.  You would pay when you get your lunch.)

  • Birthday Invitations:  If you are sending invitations into the classroom to be distributed to the students, you must send in enough for every student in the classroom. Please do not ask the teacher to distribute the invitations or communicate with others about the invitations; your child should check with the teacher but should be able to put them in student mailboxes on his/her own.

  • Community Notices:  There is one community noticed from the Barrington Public Library’s coding class, which may be found here.