Backpack Express--November 27, 2019

                  On behalf of everyone at Sowams, have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Upcoming Events

  • Picture Retakes:  Our photographer will be here on Monday, December 2 to retake pictures.  Anyone who was not here on our original picture day will have their pictures taken.  Also, any student who wants a retake will have his/her picture taken as well. For this to happen, you need to send the original photo package back to school with your child.  Retakes will begin first thing in the morning.

  • PTO Meeting:  There is a PTO meeting on the evening of December 2 at 7:00.

  • Parent Conferences:  Many parent teacher conferences will occur on Monday, December 9, 2019.  If you have not signed up for a conference, I would strongly suggest you contact your child’s teacher to set one up.  There is no school for children on this day. On December 9, there is childcare available for conferences occurring between 8:00-3:00.

  • Town Meeting:  The next Town Meeting is December 17 at 1:40.  The host class is Mrs. Hunt’s.

  • Third Grade Chorus Performances:  There are two upcoming performances by our Third Grade Chorus.  The first is scheduled for December 18 at 1:30 at Sowams. The second is scheduled for December 19 at the Rhode Island State House at 10:30 am.

Other Bits of Information

  • Lunch Information:  The December hot lunch menu may be accessed here.  Also, it is never too late to apply for free/reduced lunch.  Information about this may be obtained here.  

  • Community Notices:  There are two notices for you.  The first is from the Barrington High School’s Class of 2022.  They are hosting a movie night so parents can go out and shop. Information about this may be found here.  The second notice is from the Barrington Public Library and you may access this here.