Backpack Express--January 22, 2020

Upcoming Events

  • Town Meeting:  Our next Town Meeting is Tuesday, January 28 at 1:40 in the afternoon.  Mrs. Tutt’s class is the Class of the Week.

  • Extended Day:  The PTO’s Extended Day program starts up in February.  The Chairs of this program are working hard to make sure fun and interesting classes are offered this year.  Information about Extended Day may be found here.  Class information will be sent home by the end of this month.  When the registration period opens, registration takes place on PTOffice.  If you have not signed up for PTOffice, you should do so now. Information on how to sign up may be found here.

  • Grade 2 Family Book Club:  Join Mrs. Greene and Mrs. Sanchez in this fun event for second graders and their families.  Information may be found here and registration may be done here.  

  • Grade 1 Family Book Club:  First grade families are invited to join Mrs. Greene and Mrs. Sanchez in this book club on March 4 from 2:35-3:20.  Grade 1 will read the book A Bike Like Sergio’s.  Information may be found here and registration may be found here.  

Other Bits of Information

  • Absent Children:  If your child is going to be absent from school, you need to call the school every day your child will not be here.  If we do not hear from you daily, our office will call you each day unless you have told us that your child will be out an extended time.  By Rhode Island law, we have to call you if you do not contact us.

  • Lost and Found:  Please make sure you check the school’s lost and found.  There are various styles of coats hanging up. Remind your child to take a look.