Backpack Express--January 29, 2020

In a previous Backpack Express and a separate email, Mrs. Flores has communicated with parents about various illnesses in our school and community.  As mentioned, there are cases of flu, strep throat, and influenza like illnesses. Please read this communication from Mrs. Flores as an update and how you can help our students and us curb the spreading of the illnesses.

Upcoming Events

  • Extended Day:  There are three items for you with regard to the PTO’s Extended Day program.  The first notice, found here, has the dates of the program and when registration begins (February 5, 2020, at 7:00 pm on PTOffice).  The second notice, found here, has a description of the classes for each of the days.  There are five different classes being offered on Tuesdays and seven on Thursdays.  Some classes do fill up quickly. The third notice, found here, is a call for volunteers.  Volunteers are needed for the classes and also signing out students at the end of each class.  Background checks are necessary for volunteers. Contact Erica Dillon ( with questions or to volunteer.

  • PTO Meeting:  The next PTO meeting is Monday, February 3, 2020, at 7:00 pm.

  • Town Meeting:  The next Town Meeting is scheduled for February 11 at 1:40 in the afternoon.  Mrs. Promades’ class is hosting.

  • 100th Day of School:  It’s hard to believe but the 100th Day of School is coming up.  As long as there is not a snow day, February 12 is the 100th Day.

  • Grade 2 Family Book Club:  Join Mrs. Greene and Mrs. Sanchez in this fun event for second graders and their families.  Information may be found here and registration may be done here.  

  • Grade 1 Family Book Club:  First grade families are invited to join Mrs. Greene and Mrs. Sanchez in this book club on March 4 from 2:35-3:20.  Grade 1 will read the book A Bike Like Sergio’s.  Information may be found here and registration may be found here.  

Other Bits of Information

  • Hot Lunch Menu:  The February hot lunch menu may be found here.  

  • Lunch Information:  Information about applying for free/reduced lunch and about paying for hot lunch for your children may be found here.  It is never too late to apply fro free/reduced lunch.