Backpack Express

Good afternoon,

Here is this week’s Backpack Express filled with a lot of information for you.

  • Yearbook Photos:  Do you have pictures of our students while at Sowams that may be good for the yearbook?  If so, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share those photos.  Directions on how to do this may be found here.  I understand that there are few opportunities for parents to come to school but volunteers may have an opportunity to take photos while at the school.  (Please only share photos that are taken at Sowams School and only have Sowams students in them.)
  • Information Needed:  As a school and as a School Improvement Team, we would like to provide parents with the opportunity to learn about what is happening with our school and how we can assist you.  Our faculty and staff are able to provide parents with information on various topics; however, we need your help to determine what topics to provide you with information.  Please complete this very short survey indicating what topics you would like to learn more about at a future meeting.  Thank you for your assistance with this.
  • Survey Results:  Earlier this year, parents were asked to take a survey to provide feedback on Sowams School  At this past week’s PTO meeting, I shared the results of this survey.  To see what I shared, click here.
  • Valentine’s Day:  With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, I wanted to remind families that you should not be sending any food items into your child’s classroom with the expectation that the food will be sent home with classmates.  If anyone sends food items in, they will be sent back home with your child.  Teachers will let you know what is planned in their classrooms.
  • School Vacation Week:  Just a reminder, the February school vacation week is the week of February 21, 2022.
  • Progress Reports:  Progress reports come out in mid-March.  We do not send hard copies of the progress reports home; rather, you access them in Aspen.  That means, you need to make sure your Aspen account is set up.  If you have not done and need your account information or you don’t know your username and password, you need to contact  We do not have this information at the school.
  • Community Notices:  There are a couple community notices–BHS After Prom Information and Barrington Little League.

Have a wonderful night.


Jim Callahan