Backpack Express

Good afternoon,

Here’s this week’s Backpack Express with the information you need about our school:

  • Vision Screening:  You received an email earlier this week from Mrs. Flores letting you know our vision screenings are happening tomorrow.  Please make sure if your child wears glasses, they bring their glasses with them.
  • Morning Drop Off:  This morning was a rough drop-off.  Many of you saw me directing traffic at the parking lot exit.  Here are a few reminders that will make dropping off your child easier:
  • Have your child ready to get out of the vehicle when you enter our driveway.  If children have to mask up, put jackets on, make sure everything is in their backpack, etc., it takes too long for your child to get out of the vehicle.
  • Your child may get out of the vehicle wherever there is a sidewalk and walk to the school's entrance.  When parents insist on dropping off in front of the door, it stops the flow of traffic and adds to the back-up on Sowams Rd.
  • Parents/Grandparents/Babysitters should stay in the vehicle.  Exceptions which I have noticed are with some trucks that don’t have full backseat doors that may be opened from the inside and vehicle doors frozen shut.
  • Children should exit the vehicle on the passenger side.  This is a safety issue.
  • When vehicles are exiting the parking lot and taking a left onto Sowams Rd. and others don’t let the vehicle out of the parking lot, traffic comes to a near halt (like today).  Please let other vehicles out of the lot in order to assist with keeping traffic moving.  Also, if there is a lot of traffic on Sowams Rd., please consider turning right onto Sowams Rd. rather than left.
  • School Friday:  As I mentioned in an earlier email, we have a full day of school on Friday.  
  • Vacation Week:  Reminder, next week is our winter vacation week.  School will resume on February 28, 2022.
  • School Calendar:  Due to Monday’s snow day, the district calendar has been updated.  You may access the calendar here.
  • March Lunches:  The hot lunch schedule for March may be found here.
  • Progress Reports:  Progress reports will be shared with parents on March 18, 2022.  You will access them in Aspen as we don’t send home hard copies (unless you don’t have access to a computer).  You will need to know your Aspen username and password.  If you do not know that information, please reach out to  If you wait until March 18 to request this information, it may take several days to get it.  We do not have this information at our school
  • Community Notices:  There are two notices for you this week:  Bradley Hospital Parenting Matters Program and Barrington Public Library vacation program.

Have a great night.


Jim Callahan