Backpack Express

Good afternoon,

This week’s Backpack Express is filled with information for you.

  • Helping Your Child at Home:  Recently, a survey was sent to parents asking about what you would like to know about Sowams School.  One of the responses that came up often was how to help your child at home.  Our teachers, reading and math specialists, librarian, and speech language pathologist have come up with various grade level resources that are easy to use at home.  You may access this website here.  This is a new site for us so it may be updated over time with additional resources.
  • PTO Extended Day:  Pre-Covid, our PTO sponsored an afterschool program where students would be able to participate in a once-a-week class for six weeks.  In the past, classes have included karate, soccer, sewing, yoga, scrapbooking, and other fun activities.  We will be offering our Extended Day program again this year.  Although more information will be sent out, the PTO is in the process of looking for instructors to teach classes (paid positions) and volunteers to help in the classes and to sign students out at the end of the class.  If you have an idea of a class that you would like to teach or would like to volunteer to assist, please email Anna Hurley (
  • Covid Test Kit:  The State of RI is providing at home Covid test kits to families in order to try to ensure we have a safe return to school after April vacation.  Please complete this form if you are interested in getting a free kit.  Once we receive the kits, we will send it home with your child. Please complete this form if you would like a kit.  Any questions, please let me know.
  • Fun Friday:  Our next Fun Friday is March 25, 2022.  We will be learning about Japanese Doll Day.
  • Dental Screening:  Mrs. Flores, our school nurse-teacher, sent an email to families this week regarding the upcoming dental screening which will be held at Sowams School on April 5th conducted by Dr. Drummond D.M.D. We will be following RIDOH guidance of COVID-19 protocols to ensure safety during screenings. Students will maintain a 6ft. distance from others during screening; a well ventilated room will be used with a HEPA filter or open windows; disposable single use gloves, sterilized single use instruments, and PPE will be used by the dentist.  Anyone who is showing signs of illness that has signed up for the screening, will not be screened at school that day. If you have not done so already, a form MUST be completed for each child that attends Sowams school, regardless of whether or not your children need to be screened. The link is included here for you to complete this form. Please only do it once for each of your children that attend Sowams. Click here for the link.   This form should only be used for Sowams students.

Have a wonderful rest of your day.


Jim Callahan