Backpack Express

Good afternoon,

As we wind down this school year, here is the final Backpack Express of this school year.

  • Mrs. Flores:  Our beloved School Nurse Teacher, Mrs. Flores, is leaving Sowams School after 18 years.  Thank you to Mrs. Flores for all of her hard work and all of the work she had to do to keep our school and students safe during Covid.  People really don’t understand how much she did for our school and district these past two years.  Mrs. Flores will be missed by all of us but we all wish her the best of luck as she moves on new endeavors.  

  • Nurse Email:  After Monday, if you have questions for our school nurse, you may send your emails to  Once a new school nurse teacher is hired, this person will have access to the emails.  Feel free to reach out to me as well.

  • PTO News:  The Sowams PTO is in need of volunteers to help bring back activities and events that are so special to Sowams.  We are in need of volunteers for Octoberfest, Arts Alive and the Family Fun Committee.  Sign up at this link .

  • Covid Testing:  The state has changed where people can be tested for Covid.  Please see this notice for more information.

  • Progress Reports:  The end of the year progress reports will be available in Aspen today.  You will receive an email indication when they are ready.  You will need to know your username and password for Aspen in order to access your child’s.  If you do not have this information, you should email to request it.  We do not have this information at the school.

  • Moving or Child Not Returning to Sowams?:  If your child is not coming back to Sowams School because you are moving either out of the neighborhood or out of Barrington or your child will be going to a private school, please let us know.  We want to make sure records are ready to be shared with your child’s new school.  If your current third grader is not going to Hampden Meadows next year, you may also let us know.  Please email either Mrs. Kotsiris ( or me ( to let us know.

  • Community Notice:  The only notice from the community is from the Barrington Public Library.

I would like to thank everyone who has made this year such a successful year.  Our truly wonderful faculty and staff, our fabulous students, our support families…thank you for always putting forth your best and helping to make Sowams School such a great place to be each and every day.

On behalf of all of us at Sowams, I hope you are able to enjoy the summer and find time to relax and have fun with your child(ren).


Jim Callahan