Backpack Express

Good morning,

This week’s Backpack Express is ready for you to enjoy:

  • Dismissal:  Many of our families opt to pick up their children at the end of the day.  As a reminder, the parking lot is only able to accommodate a certain number of vehicles.  Lately, there have been vehicles blocking in others.  If there are not legal parking spaces available in the parking lot, please do not create your own spots and do not block others.  By doing this, you are creating safety issues for those walking back to their vehicles with children and those driving in order to leave.

  • Fun Friday:  This Friday, January 20th will be our Fun Friday for the month- students and teachers/staff are encouraged to wear mismatched clothing or other funky outfits to school as part of "Wacky Wardrobe Day"

  • P Bruins Game:  Our PTO’s Family Fun event for the month will be at the Providence Bruins game on Sunday, January 29th. We have had a fantastic response so far, with 91 tickets sold already!  A limited number of tickets are still available. Information may be found here.

  • URI Basketball:  Next month, the Sowams PTO will be hosting a Family Fun event at the URI Rams men's basketball game against UMass, which will be held at 1:00pm on Saturday, February 18th. Tickets are available now.  Information may be found here.

  • PTO Family Directory:  The PTO is preparing to release the next revision of our PTO directory!  Anyone who would like to have additions or revisions made to their family's entry is asked to email updates or corrections to the PTO ( The earlier version of our 2022-2023 directory may be found here: As a reminder, the directory only has names of those families who submitted their contact information to the PTO and consented to have this information shared with other families at our school. If you are new to Sowams, you may send your contact information to the PTO to be included in the Directory.  Please remember:  the directory is not meant to be used by anyone not associated with our school.  It should not be shared with anyone outside of Sowams School.  It also should not be used for any type of solicitation for any outside businesses and organizations. 

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.


Jim Callahan